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Oily skin - causes, treatment & products

Oily skin - causes, treatment & products 
Healthy skin produces natural oil called sebum that moisturises the skin. Oily skin can be a result of over-active glands, and can lead to spots and acne, if the pores become blocked. Other causes of oily skin can be related to stress, hormonal disorders and ethnicity. 

The bad news about oily skin is it's largely about genetics. People with darker skin (European & Asian) are often prone to oily skin. However, it is not all bad. Oily skin ages much better than dry and sensitive skin. Skin is most oily during the teen years as you go through puberty. The good news though is that as we age our skin will naturally decrease in oiliness, and in some cases, can often become dry.  It may also be as a result of misusing beauty products. 

Treating oily skin is simple, but, a consistent routine is vital. Regular exfoliation and cleansing is highly recommended. While exfoliation itself won't reduce oil production, it will help to prevent your pores from becoming clogged. It is also important not to overuse products or use harsh chemicals and treatments that will dry out your skin. Oil-free moisturiser and foundation are a must. I would also suggest a matte based foundation, not a dewy finish, as this will only highlight oily zones on your face.  

1. Chanel, Perfection Lumiere - this is one of my favourites. I have combination skin (oily t-zone, and dry cheeks) so finding foundation that works all over is hard. Perfection Lumiere is a matte finish but also still illuminates your skin, giving you a fresh glow.
2. Laura Mercier, Oil Free Supreme - oil-free foundation, great coverage, non-drying and lightweight. This foundation gives you a flawless finish and reduces visible pores. *I wore this on my wedding day!
3. Maybelline, Dream Matte Mousse (cheaper option) - this foundation is ideal for oily skin and provides an even and thick coverage.


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EXFOLIATION = beautiful skin

EXFOLIATION = beautiful skin. 

Exfoliation is a key step that many people overlook. 


A process that involves the removal of dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. This technique removes the outer layer of dead skin, to reveal the new skin beneath. Exfoliation helps unclog pores, maintain an even and clear skin tone and can also prevent breakouts. An important thing to remember is that exfoliation should always be done after cleansing the skin.

BENEFITS: exfoliation has a number of benefits and you don’t need to pay big bucks at a spa to achieve these results. Regular exfoliation to both your face and body, will brighten and even out your skin tone (particularly in problem areas eg cheeks and arms). It is also very useful for those with excessively oily skin.

DISADVANTAGES: there aren’t many disadvantage to exfoliating your skin. However, if the technique or products are not used correctly, this is where you can run into trouble. A very real disadvantage is the price of some of these products, especially when you see how well they work! Depending on your skin and the product/tool, you can experience initial redness (particularly to your face). Also, if chemical treatments/products such as peels and creams are misused, this can burn the skin, resulting in redness, peeling and scabbing. 

TYPES OF EXFOLIATION & TREATMENTS AVAILABLE: the two types of exfoliation are ‘physical exfoliation’ and ‘chemical exfoliation’:

Chemical exfoliation: there are a number of products and treatments available, both DIY, and those performed by dermatologists, beauticians and spas etc. Products include: scrubs/serums/creams containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, fruit enzymes, citric acid or malic acid all at different strengths (%). It is strongly recommended that you consult a skin specialist prior to using any of the above products. Individual skin varies depending on colour, thickness, oiliness and age.
Mechanical treatments available: chemical peels and microdermabrasian. These treatments are best performed by trained professionals.

Physical exfoliation: physical or DIY refers to exfoliation tools as opposed to creams and serums containing chemicals. Some great exfoliation tools include mitts/gloves, loofah hand & back straps, bath brushes (for hard to reach areas) and chemical free scrubs containing microbeads. While there are many effective chemical treatments out there, tools like the gloves also achieve beautiful results all over the body and face. This is also the safer option, particularly if exfoliation isn’t already part of your daily/weekly skin care routine. These are good tools to test out your skin and what works best  for you.


1.   A.S.A.P Clearskin Gel – this product contains: Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid & Lactic Acid. I apply this to my face (after exfoliation with a glove) every second night. I also apply oil-free moisturiser for added moisture if my skin is very dry (particularly in the Winter months). This is available online and from some spas at approx. $30.00. This will last about 2-3 months depending on the variance of application.

2.   Exfoliating Gloves – these are available at most supermarkets, chemists and Priceline for approx. $5.00 or less. These are great for your face (applying less pressue), as well as your body. I have quite moist skin and can afford to use one of these gloves either daily or every second day without irritating/drying out my skin. This is VITAL for a good fake tan too!

3.   Natio Gentle Face Scrub – this product is available online, Priceline and some chemists. Containing small micro beads, it is a gentle way to clean and lightly exfoliate your face. This can be used daily and costs approx. $15.00 for two months supply.


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Bringing sexy back!

I genuinely believe that part of our female DNA is a love (and need!) of constantly redecorating. As women we were designed to provide, nurture and nest. This translates to decorating, then redecorating our homes (including 30 cushions on our beds), shopping constantly (to look good for our men...of course) and simply, because we get bored! A change is as good as a holiday, right ladies?! So, I am not only here to help and support this innate urge we have, but to save you money in the process (is my husband buying this BS yet?!).

If you asked me straight out how I would feel about displaying very sexy posters of half-naked women around my house (and husband), I would answer with two slightly dirtier words than "no way". But, for some strange reason, I LOVE these vintage/retro style posters. I have always admired the female form, and the women back in the 40s & 50s epitomize class, sexiness and  confidence. As a woman, and at times a jealous woman, you would think these sorts of images would offend and threaten me. Well, it's the complete opposite. Women who exude confidence and sexiness through their state of mind truly defines sexy, rather than slutty. A woman who can make another woman want to BE her, and not HATE her, is my kinda-gal!

All the sexiness aside, the colours, styling and retro finishes of these posters will look fabulous framed and mounted in cream/white. They are all A2 size and I am planning to run them as a series up our staircase. At approx. $20-30 each, I am pretty proud of my efforts. It's "saving" us money, but more importantly making our home a fabulous and sexy place - where woman rule!

I will post a photo shortly when they have all arrived - happy shopping and embrace your inner goddess!


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My FAVOURITE day of the week - #cosmofashionfriday

MODELLING ON STILITS! - Next Top Model All Stars

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Stars 


Tyra and the team have brought back the most LOVED & HATED models from the past 16 seasons. While these controversial characters make for some good TV, I am not sold on the "all star" concept. In place of the usual editorial and couture filled photo shoots, the girls have been set the challenge to develop their 'brand' through various tasks. These include acting, modelling, public speaking and their overall professionalism. 
With my background in advertising/marketing I understand the importance of the overall package. Some like to call it the 'x-factor', we in the industry like to label it as SMP - single minded proposition. Each model was given a single word as their creative brief for the entire series to embody. 
While all the previous seasons had amazing fashion and styling, fantastic locations and world renowned photographers, the 'all stars' series is sorely lacking in all departments. The producers have purposely chosen these 'all stars' on the basis of very extreme personalities, but, the irony is they all come across as very bland. 
I am currently 4 episodes in and I am already hoping the producers can this 'all star' concept in the future - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

P.S how GORGEOUS is Nigel Barker? Happy to watch the grass grow if he was narrating ;)
One of the ONLY photos I have liked so far!
Episode 3 - Next Top Model All Stars (stilts challenge) - photos from