Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MODELLING ON STILITS! - Next Top Model All Stars

America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Stars 


Tyra and the team have brought back the most LOVED & HATED models from the past 16 seasons. While these controversial characters make for some good TV, I am not sold on the "all star" concept. In place of the usual editorial and couture filled photo shoots, the girls have been set the challenge to develop their 'brand' through various tasks. These include acting, modelling, public speaking and their overall professionalism. 
With my background in advertising/marketing I understand the importance of the overall package. Some like to call it the 'x-factor', we in the industry like to label it as SMP - single minded proposition. Each model was given a single word as their creative brief for the entire series to embody. 
While all the previous seasons had amazing fashion and styling, fantastic locations and world renowned photographers, the 'all stars' series is sorely lacking in all departments. The producers have purposely chosen these 'all stars' on the basis of very extreme personalities, but, the irony is they all come across as very bland. 
I am currently 4 episodes in and I am already hoping the producers can this 'all star' concept in the future - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

P.S how GORGEOUS is Nigel Barker? Happy to watch the grass grow if he was narrating ;)
One of the ONLY photos I have liked so far!
Episode 3 - Next Top Model All Stars (stilts challenge) - photos from

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