Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bringing sexy back!

I genuinely believe that part of our female DNA is a love (and need!) of constantly redecorating. As women we were designed to provide, nurture and nest. This translates to decorating, then redecorating our homes (including 30 cushions on our beds), shopping constantly (to look good for our men...of course) and simply, because we get bored! A change is as good as a holiday, right ladies?! So, I am not only here to help and support this innate urge we have, but to save you money in the process (is my husband buying this BS yet?!).

If you asked me straight out how I would feel about displaying very sexy posters of half-naked women around my house (and husband), I would answer with two slightly dirtier words than "no way". But, for some strange reason, I LOVE these vintage/retro style posters. I have always admired the female form, and the women back in the 40s & 50s epitomize class, sexiness and  confidence. As a woman, and at times a jealous woman, you would think these sorts of images would offend and threaten me. Well, it's the complete opposite. Women who exude confidence and sexiness through their state of mind truly defines sexy, rather than slutty. A woman who can make another woman want to BE her, and not HATE her, is my kinda-gal!

All the sexiness aside, the colours, styling and retro finishes of these posters will look fabulous framed and mounted in cream/white. They are all A2 size and I am planning to run them as a series up our staircase. At approx. $20-30 each, I am pretty proud of my efforts. It's "saving" us money, but more importantly making our home a fabulous and sexy place - where woman rule!

I will post a photo shortly when they have all arrived - happy shopping and embrace your inner goddess!


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