Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday - coffee (x 2!!!), work, shopping and Instagram! x


Soooo, I love pink! Can you tell?!

Hi, my name is Sarah Jane, and I am a Pinkaholic - bad. Hot pink, baby pink, coral-pink, you name it, I want it.

Today I was a little naughty and gave me credit card a thrashing! Shhh.

Bought the BEST...

1. MASCARA - Bonjois Paris (Volume Glamour, Ultra Curl). This mascara will give you black, bold and curly lashes - without the clumps and eye boogies

2. NAIL POLISH - Revlon. Revlon is such a great brand and the colour selection if fantastic, and very reasonably priced approx. $18.00 (even cheaper on ebay if you know your colour)

3. SILK TEE - Kookai. As per my blog entry yesterday, RE floral; well, this gorgeous silk top speaks for itself. The colours are absolutely beautiful and the cut is very flattering - for those THB (tummy/hips/boobs) problem areas. $140.00 but always worth every cent. This product does need special care (dry cleaning), so be clever where and when you wear it!

4. KAFTAN - Phyllis Boho (available at David Jones). This silk kaftan is simply stunning. Not a bargain ($250.00), but a statement piece. My only advice is don't spend too much on bathers, you won't see them with this on!


Now, back to work for me to pay off my... err, weakness. 


Monday, February 27, 2012

Some of my work, enjoy :)

INGLOT COSMETICS - you will never use another eye shadow again!

INGLOT COSMETICS - you will never use another eye shadow again!

If you haven't already, you must visit an Inglot store ASAP! Their eye shadow and lip colour selection is fantastic. Both are incredibly smooth and do not deteriorate over time, like many other brands. 

Their 'Freedom System' palletes allow you to mix and match a variety of colours and variations, and are travel/handbag friendly too (bonus!). These can be purchased individually, and just add as you go. The matte and pearl eye shadows are both beautiful - I love pairing three colours; two x matte, and one x pearl/shine as the highlight. 

PRICES: Are VERY, VERY reasonable!

- individual square refills are $10.00
- rainbow refills ( x 3 colours in a square) are only $13.00
- palletes range from $15.00 - $25.00 depending on size/quantity 

Make-up is one thing you should never skimp $$$ on, that's why Inglot is so AMAZING ahh! It feels like you are wearing a $80.00 Dior or Estee Laude for no more than $30.00 - insane. 

Don't forget a good eye shadow brush that allows you to blend without irritating your skin. You should only use natural brushes, NOT synthetic - a big no, no!

Happy blending,


Floral - I VOTE YES!


It seems everything old is new again... yay!

I hear you asking, what trends will be big for Spring 2012?! Lace, floral, pleats and print-mixing to name a few. Five years ago if you had given me that answer, I would have laughed. 

Obviously these are all trends that tie in nicely with the Vintage/Boho theme as well. Gosh, the 70's must have been fabulous?! What I also love about these trends is that they also compliment my Balayage (a French colouring technique from the 70's). Again, five years ago it was social suicide to have more than 2cm of re-growth, now it's the 'cool thang'! 

Above are two of my current faves: Sportsgirl floral wedges, and my $15 ebay bag, from LS Fashion - England (bargain!). I love pairing my playful wedges with some skinny jeans and a single coloured tank top - so sexy and cool. 

I am TOTALLY loving floral jeans too, however, I need to hit the gym a little harder before I get a pair! ;)

Happy shopping,


P.S - here is a GREAT link to a Vogue article on Balayage

INSIDE TIP: Want the BEST Balayage in Melbourne? See Matt @ Rokk Ebony, South Melbourne. Ladies, this man is amazing!

BREAKING NEWS! Sportsgirl are offering FREE shipping to Aus this week only - see Tweet, happy shopping x

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I heart Instagram!

TELL ME! What's the BEST fake tan and why!?

TELL ME! What's the BEST fake tan and why?!

For those of you who know me personally, you know exactly who/what the real love of my life is! Yes, it's fake tan. 

My addiction started back in year nine of high school, when it was cool to pull out two chunks of hair from your pony tail and slick them down your face with gel. Have I set the scene? Are we all on the same page? For those of you who are reading this with a blank expression, or rolling your eyes, you just don't get it and you probably never will! 

As a junior player I experimented with creams that developed overnight, but never again. I then moved into the instant products. They not only gave me an instant hit of colour/happiness, but the power to correct any mistakes immediately, which is a must! However, without blowing my own trumpet (too hard!) I would say I have recently hit the pinnacle of my 'tanning career'- a DO IT YOURSELF SPRAY GUN! Yes, you heard me, and no, you're not dreaming. You can find these on ebay and other web sites for very reasonable prices (approx. $90 - $400). Remember, you get what you pay for. Cheaper is definitely not always better! Ladies, this is an investment into our future.

In terms of products, I have photographed my faves above: Tan in A Can, by Model Co. (spray not mousse). This is probably my favourite DIY product as it's easy to use and gives a beautiful, deep chocolate brown. The larger bottle of Summer Tan is also fabulous. This comes in spray cans, mousse and bottles for commercial use (spray guns). My tip - the mousse: just wash your hands quick-smart! Like the Tan in A Can, they both have a green/purple base, which gives you a 'real' looking fake tan, without the Oompa Loompa tinge. St Tropez is also another great mousse and smells great. 

TIP OF THE CENTURY: Save up those pretty pennies and purchase a HVLP 550 spray tan machine (available at: You will not only save $$$ but you can be as brown as you want, whenever you want! Ohhh, life couldn't be better! ;)


What does YOUR perfume say about you?


Ok, so I will let you in on a little secret... I am a perfume JUNKIE! I literally have a different perfume for each day of the week, plus some. 

Our sense of smell is an extremely powerful thing, and... somewhat insightful! A smell represents emotion, a memory and a desire. Whether it's the Dolce & Gabbana Cologne for men that reminds you of your first kiss when you were 16, or the sexy Armani Code for women that brings back special memories of a loved one... they each tap deep within our psyche.

So, what are my faves? With the beautiful weather we are experiencing in Melbourne at the moment, I love wearing my Hermes - Un Jardin Sur Le Toit ("a garden on the roof"). I recently bought this while on my honeymoon in Florence, Italy, so of course the feelings of romance, fashion and adventure wash over me every time I spray on this magic! 

The name says it all, I can almost create an ad for this smell, it's so precise. Picture this: a gorgeous, youthful girl enjoying the sun, a cool breeze and the smell of pastry on a Sunday morning. She is smiling softly to herself as she runs her fingers through her herb garden, with the refreshing tickle of water running down her arm from the watering can. She pauses and reflects, enjoying the small things in life. 

If you like crunching down on a crisp cold apple, the smell of blooming roses and fresh herbs on a summer's day, this is the perfume for you.

My other faves (and timeless classics I must add!) are; Classique, by Jean Paul Gautier, Armani Code for Women, by Armani, Glamour, by Moschino and Alien, by Thierry Mugler. 

I would love to hear your favourites too, or a special memory you think of when you smell 'that smell'! 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watch out!... Here I come!

Hello, bonjour, hola!

My name is Sarah Jane, aka SJM, and I am starting this blog to share with you my passion for food, fashion, beauty and travel.

I look forward to sharing and discussing everything and anything with you all.