Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Soooo, I love pink! Can you tell?!

Hi, my name is Sarah Jane, and I am a Pinkaholic - bad. Hot pink, baby pink, coral-pink, you name it, I want it.

Today I was a little naughty and gave me credit card a thrashing! Shhh.

Bought the BEST...

1. MASCARA - Bonjois Paris (Volume Glamour, Ultra Curl). This mascara will give you black, bold and curly lashes - without the clumps and eye boogies

2. NAIL POLISH - Revlon. Revlon is such a great brand and the colour selection if fantastic, and very reasonably priced approx. $18.00 (even cheaper on ebay if you know your colour)

3. SILK TEE - Kookai. As per my blog entry yesterday, RE floral; well, this gorgeous silk top speaks for itself. The colours are absolutely beautiful and the cut is very flattering - for those THB (tummy/hips/boobs) problem areas. $140.00 but always worth every cent. This product does need special care (dry cleaning), so be clever where and when you wear it!

4. KAFTAN - Phyllis Boho (available at David Jones). This silk kaftan is simply stunning. Not a bargain ($250.00), but a statement piece. My only advice is don't spend too much on bathers, you won't see them with this on!


Now, back to work for me to pay off my... err, weakness. 


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