Monday, April 30, 2012

More of my passion, my love, my work - SJM PHOTOGRAPHY

This is a recent photo shoot I did with one of my best friends Liz 
- How ridiculously gorgeous is she?! 


Camilla - MBFWA 2012

Camilla Franks - MBFWA 2012 designs
One of my fashion goals for this year is to own a Camilla kaftan! Another one is to be taken to Bora Bora to wear it ;) Love her designs. Faultless. The styling was perfect.

Visit her web site at


Romance Was Born review - MBFWA 2012


Opening the 2012 MBFWA, Romance Was Born came out with a POW, BANG, WHAM! 

Australian designers, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, opened the 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia for 2012 in Sydney this morning. There was a whirlwind of colour, shape and flames! PLEASE NOTE: I am referring to the models when I say flames, yes, the models! There were mohawks, superhero leotards and a lot of wow-factor. While I love the 60's trend and mix-n-match of patterns, many of their pieces were bordering on costume-like. 

While I commend their attempt at high-fashion, I think a few more ready-to-wear pieces would have completed the collection. I would like to think of myself as a fashion risk taker, but, this was too much! I LOVED the razor cut of the dresses (racer back style), styled perfectly with the hair and make-up. The frisky and comically patterned tops were great. Again, I would liked to have seen them with a chic pair of pants, rather than a pair of sequinned undies! The irony is this year's collection is more wearable than last year's - maybe I'm just boring?!

Overall, I LOVED the theme and the styling. A great spectacle guys, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this year's collection, or any other feedback from the day.



Sunday. Girlfriends. Sunshine. Wine. Fashion. Laughter.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MY FAVE SJM PHOTO EVER! - Melbourne School of Fashion photo shoot

This is from the Melbourne School of Fashion 2011 series 
This dress was absolutely amazing. I will confess... Katie is on a step-ladder! #sprung 

My passion, my love... PHOTOGRAPHY

These are some shots from my photo shoot with Melbourne School of Fashion 2011
Just because I LOVE fashion, photography and styling. 

#MIFBB goodie bags - thank you to our sponsors!

#MIFBB is a group of Melbourne ladies who formed over Twitter. We all share a love and passion for the fashion and beauty industries. 
Above is a collage I have put together, to thank all our sponsors for supporting our last dinner at Mr Wolf, St Kilda.  


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reducing the appearance of cellulite - YES YOU CAN!

Turn off those down lights! Arghh! Girls, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Ew! 
I can just see you sitting there, wide eyes and jaw on the floor! Sorry to be a BIG kill joy, but there is no cure or quick-fix for cellulite. 

What I can tell you, is that eating well and regular exercise are your biggest allies in fighting cellulite. My regimen to combat cellulite and saddle bags is daily cardio and light leg-weight training.

CARDIO: running is high calorie burning and great for overall weight loss. However, the downside is it can create injuries (knees, shin splints and back problems). Walking at a fast pace, I would suggest 7km per hour on an incline of 2 on the treadmill, is just as effective and much less chance of injury. You should be aiming for at least 30mins of cardio per day. Interval training is also fantastic for leg toning and will get your heart rate going! 

LIGHT WEIGHT TRAINING: a lot of women avoid weight training, with the fear they will bulk-up. This is not true. If you are only aiming to tone, and not increase muscle mass, keep your weights low. Squats are also fantastic for toning the back of your thigh (a nasty problem area for some!). I also find varying the resistance on the exercise bike also works well to tone the thigh, bum and hip area without bulking. 
SJM BONUS TIP: I highly recommend Fernwood Gyms for the ladies, the Les Mills Body Pump class is FABULOUS! It's a fun, friendly and great way to tone your body without bulking. Visit their web site at the link below:

LEG MAKE-UP & FAKE TAN: is it just me or when you fake tan do you instantly lose 2kg?! I love it! Fake tan and applying bronzer to highlight certain areas (collar bones, tops of shoulders), also helps decrease the appearance of cellulite. Leg make-up is amazing for disguising cellulite/dimples, as well as hiding any skin imperfections (redness, varicose veins etc.). 
SJM BONUS TIP: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is magical! It is available in light, medium and dark tones. It is available at Priceline and some pharmacies, see link below: 

Please email me at if you have any questions or feedback.



SJM restaurant review - Cicciolina, St Kilda

SJM Real Review WITHOUT the Fluff! 
Restaurant review - Cicciolina, St Kilda 
Cicciolina is an iconic St Kilda institution. This cosy and romantic restaurant, captures the vibe of Acland Street with a touch of little Italy. After recently honeymooning in Italy for 5 weeks, my standards for Italian food have been raised! – watch out Melbourne restaurateurs! 
VENUE: unfortunately they do not take bookings. However, there is the Back Bar, with booth and bar seating while you wait. There is an extensive wine list, cocktails and antipasto plates available here. The restaurant itself is energetic and yet cosy. Even though my elbows were almost touching the diner next to me, I still felt we could enjoy a private and romantic dinner.
FOOD, WINE & PRICE: Cicciolina’a menu is European and modern Australian. Mains are priced between $25 – $35. They currently hold One Hat in the The Age Good Food Guide for 2012. For my entre I had the Soufflé of blue swimmer crab meat, shallot and lemon thyme served on a champagne and chive veloute, $20.50 – it was to die for! I am not a ‘big seafood person, but I love crab meat and shallots. For main I couldn’t go past the beef (always a sucker for a good steak!). It was a premium eye fillet chargrilled to order and served with a roasted potato fondant, wilted spinach and a basil and olive oil paste, $40.50. It was perfecto! I consider myself quite the ‘steak connoisseur’ (*said with a snootie English accent and raised brows!), but, in all seriousness, this dish was amazing. 
SJM TIP: ladies, live and drink like a true Italian! Order a glass of the Canella Prosecco – almost as good as French champagne (and ¼ of the price!)

SERVICE: the wait staff in the restaurant knew their menu and wine list well. They were attentive and thorough at all times, without smothering us (my pet peeve!). Unfortunately, in the Back Bar, they fell short regarding professionalism and service. Not only did we have to listen to two staff members whinging about working, but they had run out of olives (my fave!). Luckily for them, the main room wait staff made up for their average service and poor stock-take skills!
OVERALL SCORE & COMMENTS: 8/10 – this is a great dining experience for a romantic ‘date night’, especially on a cold Winter’s night. The food is rich and fresh in flavour. They have nailed the presentation without being overly flamboyant, staying true to their roots. I was disappointed with the service in the Back Bar, but it did not really detract from my overall dining experience. 
REMEMBER! They do not take bookings. If you want to be seated more or less immediately, arrive early, around 6pm. If you can hold on for a later supper, arrive around 9-9.30pm. Alternatively, when you arrive ensure your name/number is down on the waiting list and enjoy a pre-drinner drink/nibbles.


Monday, April 23, 2012

SJM DAILY TIP - healthy eating & lifestyle planning

Slow and steady wins the race! Changing your eating habits is a big deal and takes time. It is important not to rush this process, eating well is a LIFESTYLE 

Drastically changing your normal eating habits without planning ahead, can often result in you giving up, or cheating. The best thing you can do is to get ORGANISED. Plan you weekly grocery list to avoid impulse purchases on your lunch break. I also find it useful to keep a food diary, so you can track what you've actually eaten that day.
Another good tip is to start by cutting out wine and dessert on week nights. Leave these treats for the weekend - in moderation of course. I also try and stick to meat and vegetables only for dinner, leaving the bulk of my carbohydrate intake for breakfast and lunch (oats, wholegrain bread). 

I will be posting a 7 day healthy eating plan, including a fitness routine shortly - stay tuned! 


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our wedding day - 8.10.11

SJM DAILY TIP: plan your snacks. Write a grocery list and get organised. This will help avoid any naughty impulse purchases on your lunch break!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sarah Jane's Magenta and Caramel make-up trends - autumn&winter 2012

The MANY faces of Sarah Jane!

The MANY faces of Sarah Jane!
My husband jokes that he's married to eight different women, at least! - lucky him ;)

If you haven't already guessed, I LURVE changing-up my look! I am slightly obsessed with make-up, sorry, very obsessed with make-up. One of the best parts of my day is getting ready, particularly when I'm heading out on the town. If you're wondering do I doll-up for the gym, the answer is no. I have to let my skin breath sometime! 
My current fave look for make-up, is a bright lip (red & hot pink), with a clean liner and long lashes. I do lean towards the sightly upward kick, on the outer corner of the eye. This opens up the eye and creates more of an almond shape (super sexy!). 

Brows are SUPER important as well. Good eyebrows, in my eyes, make or break a face. I am partial to a bit of pencil, and thickness is a must. When you use pencil, you have the power to fill in any in-perfections. You can also darken your brows according to your eye-shadow - taking smokey eyes to a new level! (see mine in top LH pic above)

SJM BEAUTY TIPS for my fave look: 
If you do decide to go a sexy pink, or a shade of red for the lips, minimal eye-shadow is a must. To achieve balance and harmony in your make-up, you must dissect your face (break your features down into a hierarchy system). Eg If you want your lips to be the hero with a vibrant shade/gloss, then work backwards. 

- create a smooth and even layer of foundation (application - use damp sponge or brush)
- using a thin brush (liquid is ok) draw on your top liner, ending with a small, upward kick (bottom LH pic above)
- then, using a non-clump mascara, comb it through your lashes evenly (curling before hand also works well) 
- of course, finish off with a slight bronzed glow, and a vibrant rose blush (slightly under the cheek bone - do this fish face when applying your blush, it will make it easier to shade/contour) 

*Keep this look clean and classic. Your lips are the hero and will naturally make your eyes POP! For a red lip keep the hair groomed and elegant. Off the face, in a bun or pony tail, looks stunning.

I will blog about more application techniques (in lots of detail!) shortly.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

SJM Fashion Sunday - NEON & 80's TREND

NEON & 80'sTREND - loving it!
So if you haven't already heard, neon is like, SO HOT RIGHT NOW! 

Whether it's fluoro-rainbow socks (!), or a stylish bag with highlighter hues, it's bangin'! The neon/80's trend is a fresh, and modern twist on the 80's for our Autumn wardrobe.
Neon denim is one of my faves! To keep up with this popular trend, so many brands have now brought out their own take on the trend (CK neon denim is amazing!). I do prefer the pastel neons for denim over the fluoro, but LOVE going a little 80's crazy with skirts and accessories! 


1. ACCESSORISE ONLY - whether it be a clutch, shoes or jewellery (don't forget nail polish!). This makes neon the feature, and is a little more conservative
*Sportsgirl are the BEST for accessories and do neon so well - you MUST visit the Chadstone store, beyond amazing!
2. GONE IS THE 'LBD' - replace your little black dress, with a hot pink bandage mini dress! This can be paired with neutral accessories, or for the risk-takers... MORE NEON! - work it girls!
*Kookai have some gorgeous bandage skirts and dresses, in every colour you can imagine! (I literally own about 10 of these! - LOVE)
3. ALL OVER NEON - for those serious risk-takers (we all know one!), go for it head-to-toe! I would definitely suggest you neutralise your accessories though, eg. a simple black bag. Ladies, get those colour wheels out, and get to it!
*ASOS is pretty much your one-stop-shop for all things neon 

SJM's HOT TIP: Check out my fave ASOS pencil skirt with neon trim - IT'S ON SPECIAL TOO!

SJM's FASHION QUOTE: When it comes to style, if YOU feel FABULOUS, you can never be wrong! SJM x

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maybe this is why I am always on time?! 
What can I say, when I do something, I DO IT WELL! 

So, where have I been shopping - if I tell you, I will have to kill you! KIDDING :)

WATCH # 1 (LHS) - Sinobi white watch, purchased on eBay for $7.99!!!
WATCH # 2 - Marc Jacobs watch, paid $299.00 (duty free though!)
WATCH # 3 - Sportsgirl peach and pearl, snakeskin watch, paid $24.99 
WATCH # 4 - Cotton On hot pink watch, get ready... $9.00!!! Wooo!

The perfect and practical accessory for ANY outfit,


What brand of moisturisers work better in different areas on the body 
FACE & NECK, HANDS, FEET & SHINS (yes, shins!) 

Here are some of my beauty secrets and tips, when it comes to moisturisers. BUT, before I go any further, I have one thing to say... MOISTURISE YOUR ENTIRE BODY, EVERY SINGLE DAY! This is the #1 Rule.
Moisturising is one of the best, and natural ways to prevent premature ageing. It is vital to wear a facial moisturiser, and foundation, that has SPF protection. Always remember, apply it to your neck as well as to your face. The FIRST, and MOST obvious place women show their age is their neck. 

FACE & NECK: CHEAPER OPTION: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiance Cream SPF 15 $12.99, or MORE EXPENSIVE OPTION: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion - Very Dry to Dry Combination $48.00

EYES: Aesop Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum $63.00 

HANDS: CHEAPER OPTION: Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Cream $5.19, or MORE EXPENSIVE OPTION: La Mer Hand Treatment $170.00

FEET: Coco Butter Formula Foot Magic $12.40

AREAS PRONE TO DRYNESS - ELBOWS, KNEES AND SHINS: Cetaphil Intense Moisturising Cream $7.95

WANT TO HEAR SOMETHING EVEN MORE FABULOUS?! Most of these brands have online stores, and very reasonable shipping costs. Many are also available at Priceline, Myer, David Jones and Target. 



Thursday, April 12, 2012

I hope you enjoy looking through some of the photos from my recent holiday to Hawaii - Aloha!

 These are some Instagram shots from our island tour of Hawaii - everyone is an artist on Instragram #LoveIt !!!

 The AMAZING view from our balcony, and enjoying our daily fresh fruit selection

 Our visit to Kualoa Ranch - this was our lunch stop on our island tour. The mountain range you can see in the background is the valley entrance from Jurassic Park! Such an amazing view

These are some pictures from our balcony, bar pool and front lawn. We stayed at the Ihilani JW Marriott Resort, Ko Olina. My favourite landscape combination, mountains and water - stunning

Beauty Foods - how to achieve beautiful skin through what you eat!

BEAUTY FOODS  - for skin and teeth 
"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, 
faithfulness the best relationship" - Buddah

Carrot seed oil is found in many skin-care formulas. It is great for revitalising skin, eczema and premature ageing. Carrots are the natural alternative to Retin A

INTERESTING FACT: SPF products containing naturally extracted carrot oil can help you achieve a beautiful golden tan and can actually provide more protection than normal cream!

The texture of cheese actually helps decrease the secretion of saliva, which helps fight cavities!  Swiss and Cheddar are two varieties that reduce bacteria in the mouth, and prevent cavities. Low-fat yoghurt is also great for this

INTERESTING FACT: after a sweet-treat, have a mouthful of cheese. This will help neutralise the bad effect sugar has on your teeth - BUT, don't forget to brush! 

Tomatoes are the secret to beautiful, glowing skin! Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A, C, anti-oxidants and potassium
INTERESTING FACT & TIP: mix tomatoe juice and honey, apply as a mask for 15 mins to your face and neck. Tomatoes also help reduce the enlarged pores on your face, and sooth sunburn 

GARLICGarlic works as an anti-oxidant, which helps combat wrinkles and restore tissue. Many believe that applying smashed garlic to your face (avoiding eyes/sensitive areas) can help heal acne and blemishes 
INTERESTING FACT: garlic can help increase blood flow and circulation, which in turn aids signs of premature ageing

I would love to hear about your secrets to achieving beautiful skin. It would be great if we could share recipes and tips - email me at 


WARNING: This entry is based on research and personal opinion only. Avoid using any of the above natural produce, if you are allergic. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the author of this entry.