Monday, March 26, 2012

Lombok inspired outfit design - floral & boho

Another day, another meal in paradise! - Lombok

We are enjoying our last day here in Lombok - Indonesia, with heavy hearts. However, it is also a day for celebration! Two years ago to the day, in Bali, my darling husband, Richard, proposed to me. What an amazing two years it has been. Our beautiful wedding, and our honeymoon to Italy and Switzerland, adventures that I will treasure forever. 

And, the second reason to celebrate?! It's MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! Woo hoo! - I hear you all saying. Looking forward to enjoying some tapas, and a vino, with my closest friends this weekend in Melbourne. 

Also, loving my photo apps on this holiday (Instragram and Diptic) - used above. You can achieve such cool and professional looking photos/art works in seconds. 

TRAVEL INFO & FYI: Lombok is an island located 40min (flying time) from Denpasar, Bali. If you are organised and get in early, Virgin have some very reasonable air fares. The internal flights from Denpasar to Lombok, are crazy cheap (approx. $50.00 pp each way). Lombok is ideal for families, and those of you who enjoy some quiet time. Shopping is pretty much non-existant, however, the food and scenery is to die for. Highly recommend Lombok as your next relaxing beach holiday. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


 tips & products without paying $$$

I am not a Make-up Artist, but, I am OBSESSED with make-up and looking good! I am a wife of a Cosmetic Doctor, and the daughter-in-law of a leading Dermatologist - SO LISTEN UP!

TIP: NEVER go to bed without removing your make-up. This will dry out and age your skin

Any product that is oil-free is perfectly fine, you don't need to spend big bucks on products. Gently soap up your face, and remove all make-up, including your hairline. Remove any remaining mascara/eyeliner with eye make-up remover, to ensure you don't dry and damage this sensitive area. Pat your face dry, and apply toner to your oily areas (T-Zone)

Exfoliation with either a glove or a scrub, varies with personal preference. If you are prone to dry skin, exfoliate gently 1 - 2 times per week. If you are prone to oily skin, you may be able to exfoliate 3+ times per week. See how your skin responds, and either increase/decrease treatment accordingly

Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser & Scrub (under $10), L'oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Make-up Remover and Garnier Pure Toner
*HOT SJM TIP*: If you are not prone to dry or sensitive skin, I highly recommend A.S.A.P - Clearskin Gel. This serum contains AHA/BHA and helps remove dead skin cells (think of it like a mini-peel and facial while you sleep!). This gel also helps treat mild acne and helps reduce fine lines

TIP: Moisturise at least twice a day (AM & PM), and don't forget your neck! This is the first place women start to show their age

Arguably, the best anti-ageing procedure is Botox, but this is not for everyone. The key to naturally vibrant, youthful and fresh skin is simple

- Stay out of the sun/solarium, and use a daily SPF on your body, and in your foundation
- Moisturising twice daily is ideal. Key areas are, under your eyes and neck. This will give you both a youthful appearance, and touch

FAKE TANNERS FYI - Remember if you have had a spray tan or are progressively self-tanning, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! Particularly, your shins/ankles, knees and elbows - these areas can go downhill, fast!

Aesop Hydrating Serum (amazing for under the eyes and neck), and Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturiser

Please let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions.


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

More photos from my dream holiday in Lombok - Indonesia

My Instagram masterpiece! 
A creation from this morning's long walk through the local villages of Lombok - Indonesia

What an amazing place x

TRENDS: Colour Blocking, Glamour & French inspired #fashion / # trend

My FAVE trends for 2012 


I don't mind a bit of bling and sparkle, when it's done well! When composing your outfit, think of it in template form, or as a hierarchy system. Number one, what's your feature/statement piece, and then work backwards. For example, a fabulous vintage pair of sparkling earrings, or a slinky metallic top, should be paired with supporting basics. Think of these supporting pieces as the back-up dancers! You want them there as a strong support for the lead act, but not to take away the spotlight. That is exactly how outfit composition should work. 

I am all for bringing back some 90's disco inspired outfits and material, but it needs to be kept to a minimum. Like any trend, whether it be floral, lace or even denim, let's say no more than one feature item. Of course, like anything in life, there are exceptions to the rule. Pale and distressed denim can look fabulous paired with a dark skinny jean. 

I love to have my bag, shoes or accessories as my lead singer, particularly at night. If you want a cool, sophisticated look, this often is the way to go. When it comes to styling, less is always more. Look at yourself before you leave the house, and I guarantee you should remove one item! I'm loving the slicked back pony tail with a medium-long pair of earrings and a fabulous lippy to match. Remember ladies, if you are wearing a statement pair of earrings or anything bigger than a 20 cent coin, NO NECKLACE! 

ANTIQUE & FRENCH INSPIRED TREND - (in love with this one!)...

I absolutely love the parisian, Marie Antoinette inspired trend this year. The classic cuts and the romantic pastel colours take me back to the innocence and simplicity of childhood. I LOVE mix and matching different trends. I'll admit, as much as I would love to be a 'trend-setter', I'm a traditional girl at heart. I love lace, floral and tailored cuts. When done well, juxtaposing two or even three trends together looks great. 

My personal fave is a tailored skirt or dress that shows off our femininity. A design should ideally come in around the waist, and fit well over the hips (without pulling), and drop to a flattering height (JUST above the knees!!!). A delicate cami or top (lace looks so sweet!), and a cropped little blazer just looks so classy! Depending on what time of the day or occasion it is, you can alter your shoes, bag and jewellery to match. A clutch and closed toe pumps is perfect for night time or a formal event. A wedge/sandal and regular bag over the arm, are ideal for for daytime and casual events.

*Each to their own, but showing off leg, boob and too much skin can look cheap, and offenders should be prosecuted! Ladies, stay stylish and elegant, CONFIDENCE is the sexiest thing you can wear - remember that!


For parisian inspired designs (lace, nautical & romantic), colour blocking and glamour, I would suggest online suppliers such as ASOS, Princess Polly, Top Shop and Zara. They have a great variety and at very reasonable prices. However, if you want to support local brands, Cotton On, Dotti, Bardot and even Target have some beautiful stuff
Images from April 2012 Madison magazine

Above is today's outfit in Lombok, inspired by my blog and my surroundings 

Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Mother's Day Classic -
Walk or run for breast cancer research (or dance!!)

Ok ladies, get up off the couch, the Kardashian's can wait! We have a Mother's Day Classic to walk/run/DANCE!
I currently have a small team who are ready and raring to go, but I need more! This is such a great cause and something very close to my heart.

Bring your best friend, sister, mother, aunty, the more the merrier!

Please email me @ - RSVP by 20th April

I will also be raising money for Pink Hope - an organisation that raises awareness and educates women about the risks of breast and ovarian cancer.

Once I have final numbers we can begin costume development! Woo hoo!

Spread the love.



ALEX FEVOLA'S PINK CHAIR-ITY AUCTION DESIGN - photography by Sarah Jane Montgomery

Take a seat for breast cancer research!

The Porch, in conjunction with National Breast Cancer Foundation, is proud to announce The Porch’s Pink Chair-ity Auction. Adirondack chairs will be painted, carved, decorated or otherwise enhanced by artists and well-known people with all proceeds donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
The chairs will be exhibited around Melbourne between March to May 2012. Chairs will be auctioned on 12 pm May 11, at Melbourne Central (level 1, in front of the Shot Tower). 

Alex is respected Melbourne photographer, having photographed some of Australia's most influential people and has built a strong reputation as Melbourne's celebrity photographer. Her specialty is portraiture, and her work can be seen in her book, "Snapshot A Portrait of Success. 
Confirmed locations are:
  • Fernwood Gyms: March 15 - March 30 (Melbourne City Gym - chair by Sonia Kretschmar, Carlton - chairs by Peter Russell Clarke and Jody Pratt, St Kilda - chair by Alex Fevola, Moonee Ponds - chair by Jane Sinclair, Yarraville - chair by Jamie Daddo, Camberwell - chair by Suzie Wilks and Barbara Kitallides)

LAZY Sunday with my Sister - Detox mask, Clueless & baking blueberry muffins!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My birthday dinner with the in-laws @ Maha, Melbourne 

Alex Perry parade @ 2012 L'Oreal Fashion Festival - this man is amazing!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friends, family and followers of SJM - please read the info below from the Pink Hope web site,

Please join Pink Hope in raising awareness, providing support and education to those women both affected, and at risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer.


  • One in nine women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime
  • More than half of all breast cancers in Australia are discovered by the woman herself or her own doctor
  • Early detection saves lives – the earlier a cancer is discovered, the greater the chances of successful treatmenT
  • Nine out of 10 breast changes are not due to cancer, but you should see your doctor to be sure
  • Breast cancer is also diagnosed in men (although the chances of this occurring are much lower than for women)

(info from - Australia 2011)

What is Pink Hope?

Pink Hope is the only Australian community that is solely focused on informing, empowering and supporting women and their families at a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
Pink Hope is a valuable resource for all high risk women and their families. Join Pink Hope and believe that we can make a difference.

What does the Pink Hope website provide?

  • Accredited Information on breast and ovarian cancer
  • Krystal’s Blog which covers Krystal’s own personal experiences with breast and ovarian cancer as well as everyday issues
  • Regular news updates
  • Friendly Discussion Forums where you can chat to women with similar experiences
  • Expert Videos from plastic surgeons and doctors discussing preventive mastectomy and reconstruction among many other issues
  • Personal Videos from Pink Hope members
  • Pink Hope Angels; a place where people can share and pay tribute to a loved one lost to breast or ovarian cancer
  • Share Your Story; an area where you can inspire others by telling your story
  • Member of the Month; a member of the Pink Hope Community who inspires other members receives a gift pack valued at $400
  • Dedicated Members Section
  • Sponsor advertising and Sponsor information kits
  • Media and Ambassador information kits
  • Members Questions Kit
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Events


I am hoping to organise a fundraising event for Pink Hope in the next few months, and will be looking for some other amazing women to donate their time and skills - more info to follow

Stay tuned,


A Real Review Without the FLUFF! (The SJM RRWF!) - The Smith, Prahran

We recently dined at The Smith - Prahran with our dear friends, Trish and Luke. After all the recent hype and recommendations, we had to check it out!

VENUE & COMMENTS: The recent renovations look amazing! The new design is relaxed, funky and perfect for any occasion. The impressive open kitchen brings new meaning to 'dinner and a show'! There's an energetic buzz and great vibe around the venue, yet, I still felt we had our privacy as a group. The tables were spacious and comfortable, and a good distance from the people next to us.

SERVICE & PRICE: From the booking to the table service, we were reasonably happy. The wait staff were attentive, and they knew the menu. I did feel our waitress was a little pushy initially, trying to add-on their 'mouthfuls', in addition to our entrée, main and dessert orders. To make matters worse, an item that she up-sold us on was not even available! After the order was placed, I was happy with the time intervals between courses and the attentive but relaxed service. 

It's not a cheap night out, but the prices are realistic for the portion sizes and food quality. Their entrée dishes ("Tastes") are all under $20, and all mains are under $50. It's definitely not a night to skimp on a good wine and desert. 

THE FOOD: The menu is definitely suited for those who love seafood and an Aussie-Asian fusion. I ordered the Steamed Atlantic Scallops (see photo above) for my entrée, and for my main, the Chargrilled Sliced Lamb. The scallops were amazing, great flavour and perfectly cooked. As you can see they were served beautifully - vibrant and fresh. The portion sizes were fine, however, I would recommend a side with the mains. 

Dessert is a MUST! One of the best deserts I've had in a long time. I had The Smith 'knickerbocker glory' with green apple sorbet - wow! The spectacularly layered trifle-esque concoction delivered every ounce of flavour that it promised. 

FINAL COMMENTS: I will say, I was very disappointed with the 'sittings' offered: either 6.15pm, 8.30pm or 9.45pm on a Thurs/Fri and Sat night. We eventually booked for a Sunday night to avoid this inconvenience. Apart from this annoyance, I was very happy with our overall experience.The funky and lively atmosphere was definitely a plus, and one of the better vibes in a Melbourne restaurant. The quality, presentation and flavour was worth the price. Will I be racing back there for another meal? I could easily leave it a couple of months.  

I definitely recommend you try The Smith, and I look forward to hearing about your experience. 

I give it 7.5/10


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is the best mascara and why? Here's the answer!

If you are searching for a mascara that gives you a voluminous curl, without clumping, this is the mascara for you. The curved brush will lift and fan your lashes on your first application. Depending on the look you are going for, this product does allow for a second/third layer without clumping and looking messy. 

Unlike other mascaras, that don't satisfy their 'volume' claim, the Bourjois brush combs through the lashes like a new brush every time. There are other great mascaras on the market, that give you either a good curl, thick/bold lashes, or are affordable, however, at RRP of $20.00, The Volume Glamour, Ultra Curl by Bourjois Paris is unmatched. 

Bourjois Paris - Volume Glamour, Ultra Curl is available at Priceline, Target, Kmart and some pharmacies. 

*Also, this product has NOT been tested on animals - another plus!


(image courtesy of chanelandcupcakes.blogspot)

Thursday, March 8, 2012



Want big, beautiful, natural lashes?! This stuff is AMAZING! It's called Idol Lash - shipped from the US.

I love false eyelashes as much as the next person, BUT, they are just that, fake! This is the ONE product that actually works! Idol Lash is a serum, and is super easy to apply. 

1. Remove all make-up and do what you need to RE skin routine

2. Get the serum brush and run is along your eyelid as if you are putting on eye-liner - I use it on both the top and bottom lashes. Be careful not to get it in your eye, don't worry, it's not dangerous it just stings!

You will literally start to notice a BIG difference after about 3 - 4 weeks!!!

I bought the two month supply for approx. $84.00 (US). When you think about how much good false eyelashes cost, it's a bargain. 

FYI after I ordered this product it took almost two months to arrive... My only criticism :(

LADIES, YOU MUST ORDER THIS AND STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON LASHES! Ahhh sorry, and I have friends in the business eek ;)