Thursday, August 8, 2013

I have finally revealed my mystery man!...

 Introducing... MELBOURNE'S HAIR GOD.
You heard it here - there is a local hair god living amongst us! He stands at about 6'4" and his unrivalled good looks will blow you away, but that's not why I love him ;)
The beautiful man in question is the lovely Ray from Rokk Ebony in South Melbourne. I was lucky enough to meet Ray a few months ago and we've since worked on several big projects together, including: my blog photo shoot with Andrew Maccoll, the video film clip for X-Factor's James McNally & DJ Danny Merx, 'Another Day', where I starred as the lead female, and several photo shoots yet to be released! Ray also styles several celebrities and more recently made several appearances on the channel 9 hit, The Block.
It only seemed fair that I spill all the juicy details about my mystery man. Any pic that I post on my Instagram (@sheis_sarahjane) that showcases this man's talent goes viral! Well, almost. So to wrap-it-up, you asked and I've delivered! Below I have listed all the details on how to contact Ray and the uber talented and friendly team at Rokk Ebony, South Melbourne. It has been a pleasure to get to know Ray and I look forward to a long and fabulous working relationship and friendship with him.
Ray - aka, Raymonde! (that requires some tongue curling!)
Principal Stylist & Colourist at Rokk Ebony, South Melbourne

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