Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reducing the appearance of cellulite - YES YOU CAN!

Turn off those down lights! Arghh! Girls, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Ew! 
I can just see you sitting there, wide eyes and jaw on the floor! Sorry to be a BIG kill joy, but there is no cure or quick-fix for cellulite. 

What I can tell you, is that eating well and regular exercise are your biggest allies in fighting cellulite. My regimen to combat cellulite and saddle bags is daily cardio and light leg-weight training.

CARDIO: running is high calorie burning and great for overall weight loss. However, the downside is it can create injuries (knees, shin splints and back problems). Walking at a fast pace, I would suggest 7km per hour on an incline of 2 on the treadmill, is just as effective and much less chance of injury. You should be aiming for at least 30mins of cardio per day. Interval training is also fantastic for leg toning and will get your heart rate going! 

LIGHT WEIGHT TRAINING: a lot of women avoid weight training, with the fear they will bulk-up. This is not true. If you are only aiming to tone, and not increase muscle mass, keep your weights low. Squats are also fantastic for toning the back of your thigh (a nasty problem area for some!). I also find varying the resistance on the exercise bike also works well to tone the thigh, bum and hip area without bulking. 
SJM BONUS TIP: I highly recommend Fernwood Gyms for the ladies, the Les Mills Body Pump class is FABULOUS! It's a fun, friendly and great way to tone your body without bulking. Visit their web site at the link below:

LEG MAKE-UP & FAKE TAN: is it just me or when you fake tan do you instantly lose 2kg?! I love it! Fake tan and applying bronzer to highlight certain areas (collar bones, tops of shoulders), also helps decrease the appearance of cellulite. Leg make-up is amazing for disguising cellulite/dimples, as well as hiding any skin imperfections (redness, varicose veins etc.). 
SJM BONUS TIP: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is magical! It is available in light, medium and dark tones. It is available at Priceline and some pharmacies, see link below: 

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  1. Thank you for such an honest and interesting post. I love that all of your tips are relevant, real and most importantly - totally doable. xx

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    1. Hope you took something from it ;)