Thursday, July 4, 2013

M Y H A I R > SISJ's tell-all !!!

My hair > behind closed doors.

Red, brown, black, blonde... I've been there and done that! That's just part of growing up, right?! Now, to business. After much demand I have put together a brief tell-all  hair care guide (wow, that makes me sound super important!) including: tips, my products & photos.  

I have now had blonde hair for approx. 2.5 years, and funnily enough, my hair has never been in better condition. If you've read my top rating blog piece on dry shampoo, you would know I am NOT a frequent hair washer. In fact I am quite the opposite. I am lucky that my hair doesn't show oil even when in dire straight condition (pardon the pun!). I normally wash my hair once or twice a week, exactly repeating the below techniques/products. I also only get my colour done every three months, that's the beauty of balayage (very subtle re-growth).

SHAMPOO: Blonde Angel, by Kevin Murphy / CONDITIONER: Kerastase, for dry hair

 STEP ONE (post shampoo & conditioner): 
This product is liquid gold. Literally. I was lucky enough to receive this as part of my farewell gift pack from the Grazia beauty team a the end of my internship in London. As all the bottle copy is in French I wasn't really sure what to do with it at first, but thanks to Google, I figured it out pretty quickly!
All you need to do is apply one squirt of this serum to your scalp after each wash (no more than 2-3 washes per week). You will then start to see results within weeks! Your hair will feel instantly thicker and fuller. Regular use of this serum will also add shine and elasticity, ridding you off that nasty frizz and fly-aways. Within 6-8 weeks I noticed the quality of my hair had improved dramatically. This included reduced breakage and better growth.
My pet hate is also flat hair. Bigger is always better when it comes to hair! The added height and bounce this product gives you is a bonus. By the time you have read this post I hope you are half-way out the door to go and buy it! It's truly amazing.
Volume treatment. Bigger is never big enough in my hair world! I am currently using Matrix's volume mousse which is also applied to the scalp and the roots of your hair (hair must be damp). Another amazing product is the Kevin Murphy 'Powder Puff'. It's great for body and creating messy volume - that holds! It's so good that I had run out of it when I came to take photos for this piece! 

Oil me up. In a completely literal way. Now when it comes to hair oil, there's a VERY fine line between Danny Zuko, and a job well done! So listen up ladies. In my opinion and vast self-indulgent experience, do NOT apply oil anywhere near your roots! In fact I only use a tiny squirt on the ends of my hair. I then run the remaining oil on my hands softly over the surface/outside of the hair. Don't ever rub it onto any area of your scalp, I promise you, you will end up back in the shower with the shampoo.
These two bottles are only 2/3 and 1/3 used and I have had these for the last two years. So that works out at approx. 210 washes. If my year three math skills aren't failing me, I still have several years left in these bottles! These puppies have travelled the world with me, no, really! I have also found over time that I need less and less. However, Í have no doubt this is also due to other products that I have been using. There is also the Kerastase 'Elixir Ultime' (green bottle) which is great for blonde hair.

 My favourite people at Rokk Ebony put me onto Sebastian hair spray, and wow! This stuff smells ridiculously amazing, shhh, don't tell the O-Zone Layer! It holds so well and without that nasty lacquered finish look. This also comes in a super cute handbag size spray. The Kevin Murphy 'Fresh Hair' spray is KM's dry shampoo. However, thanks to my lovely stylist and hair-GOD, Ray from Rokk Ebony, he has taught me to use it as a styling spray. It gets rid of any grease residue and allows better flexibility for styling. I have also used beach hair sprays which ad a little grit, again this will allow you to gain more control of your hair. I should mention while I'm not pro-dry burnt hair, I am not a huge fan of super shiny sleek hair either. These products will give you a happy medium, both in finish and feel.

These are available in Rokk Ebony salons and online.


 To avoid hair breakage make sure you do not excessively brush or comb your hair until it's almost dry. Your hair is most fragile when wet - so be nice!
To avoid frizzy hair rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning. This helps to seal the cuticle, making it harder for moisture to enter

I hope you enjoyed my tell-all hair guide ;) xxx


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  1. I've never seen a blonde so shiny and healthy looking on a mere mortal - that's it, you must be a celebrity!!! xxx