Monday, May 28, 2012

Does dry shampoo REALLY work?

Does dry shampoo really work?
Hair colour, brand, application tips and the side effects with SJM
I don't mean to rub it in, but I'm one of the 'lucky ones'. I only need to wash my hair once a week, max. In fact, the dirtier it is, the better it looks! But, of course, I am well and truly in the minority for this. So, I have recently tried what my fellow sisters have been raving about, dry shampoo. Here are my thoughts...

"Frequent shampooing can actually be counter productive. Because you're trying so hard to get rid of sebum, your body reacts by producing even more of it"

WHAT DOES DRY SHAMPOO ACTUALLY DO: dry shampoo is a powder that usually comes in an aerosol spray can, that absorbs the oil/hair dirt (sebum) from your hair. It also adds volume, and gives your hair a fresh and clean appearance without water. It works particularly well in blonde hair and lightens up the roots. 

WHEN SHOULD YOU USE DRY SHAMPOO: dry shampoo should really only be used in SOS situations. Or, on a Monday morning at 6.53am because you didn't plan ahead and wash your hair on Sunday night! It is important that you do not replace your normal shampoo/cleaning routine with this product. It is designed purely for intermittent use between normal shampoo washes. Depending on the frequency of your 'normal washes', it is ideal for a second or third day touch-up between. 
*SJM ADD-ON! - I personally find when I wear my hair down I need to wash it more frequently. I'm sure this has something to do with the frequency in which I touch/re-style my hair. If I know I am going to have a busy week, or can't be bothered washing my hair, I will tie my hair up and refrain from touching it - buns are great for this. 

APPLICATION TIPS & SIDE EFFECTS: there are many ways to skin a cat, but, here are my tips from experience. The first step is to comb through your hair to get rid of any existing tangles. Then, spray the aerosol can approx. 15 - 20cm from the desired area (hair line, hair part, behind the ears - oily prone areas). I found when I sprayed the powder directly onto the scalp it caused severe irritation and left a white residue (similar to dandruff). Once you have sprayed the shampoo onto the desired area (from a small distance), either with a brush or your hands, give it a good comb through. This will spread out the powder and evenly absorb any oil. 
*SJM ADD-ON! - the one negative I have experienced using dry shampoo (with all brands except  Batiste!) is that I have been left with a very itchy and flaky scalp. This got so bad with some products I needed to purchase mild psoriasis scalp treatments from the chemist - so please, use in moderation! 

SJM'S FAVE BRAND & WHERE TO GET IT: Batiste - Blush dry shampoo is hands down the BEST dry shampoo I have used on the market. Not only is the branding and design amazing, but it actually works and has the least amount of negative side effects (overuse of this product can create a flaky/itchy scalp). This product is available at most chemists, Priceline and some supermarkets. 

I would love to hear about your experiences with dry shampoo and any brand recommendations. Let's share the love ladies!

Beautiful eyes with SJM - #beautytips

Simple steps to achieving beautiful eyes
I have a confession to make - eye shadow scares me! The irony being, my eyes are my favourite feature!

I have always liked having blue eyes, but at times been discouraged from tackling the smokey eye look out of fear of failure. I still believe (being fair haired) that a smokey eye can be too heavy and androgynous, if not executed well. So, instead of curling up in a ball and crying, I got to work!

Below are my beauty tips to creating a strong but simple eye for any occasion:

1. EYELASH TINTING - eyelash tinting is a game changer! It not only gives your lashes a black base, but it actually improves the mascara application/effect. I would suggest getting the blue/black tint, this being the darkest tint. The brown can often leave a red tinge around the eyes. Most beauty salons offer this service at an affordable cost (approx. $20 - $35 depending on the salon). 

2. EYELASH GROWTH SERUM - no, I do not believe in horoscopes or ghosts. But, I do believe and swear by SOME eyelash growth serums. My favourite is Lash Idol (available online from the US at approx. $80 for 2 tubes). I had a bad experience with some eyelash extensions, which left one of my eyes completely bald. I ordered some of this serum and applied it twice daily to both my bottom and top lashes. Within six weeks they had completely grown back, and then some! I still use this serum and it keeps them thick, strong and long. 

3. EYE BROW WAXING, PLUCKING & MAINTENANCE - I am not a particularly hairy person at all, yet I find myself religiously waxing my eyebrows every fortnight. I also love using an eyebrow pencil to colour in and shape my brows, for that full and bold look. While your eyes are the window to your soul, your eyebrows frame them. Essentially, without a good brow your eyes can fall flat. Now, while saying this, you don't have to be like me and tint them dark, but thickness and shape are crucial. My eyebrow inspirations are Rachel Taylor, Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman. They all have square and thick eyebrows which allow their eyes to jump out at you. 

4. FAKE EYELASHES - I personally prefer the 'natural' fake eye lashes! 1/2 a band or individual lashes look the most natural, and are the easiest to apply. I would suggest placing them on the outer edge of the lashes, as this will open up your eye and give you a natural cat-eye shape. An easy and cost effective way is to also cut one band in half, this saves you money and the lashes descend from the outer edge in - similar to my eye above. If you are going to use the bands, ensure you buy quality lashes as the band is much finer and easier to manoeuvre. Mac and Gorgeous Cosmetics have some great designs - buy these online they are cheaper!   

5. USING A GOOD QUALITY EYELASH GLUE AND LASHES - for years I struggled to put on false eyelashes. These attempts would often end up with tears, red eyes and a very sticky face! I have since mastered the art, but not without some useful tips along the way. A good quality eye lash glue is essential. Instead of using those tiny tubes they often include with the cheaper products, buy a larger tube of a quality glue. This will not only last longer, but actually make the whole process a lot easier. After you have applied a small amount to the band, wait a few seconds and blow on it. This will semi dry it and allow more flexibility when trying to position on the eye. Using a cotton bud or the rounded end of your eyeliner pencil to smooth down the band. Ensure you hold this in place for at least 15 seconds before letting it dry completely.
*SJM BONUS TIP - put your lashes on first. I also think putting them on last over my foundation and eyeshadow contributed to my many bad endings. When you put them on first your skin is dry and easier to work with. Apply your foundation with a brush or sponge around them.

6. EYELINER & EYESHADOW - finish your eyes off with eyeliner on both the bottom and top lash for an extra bold and sharp look. I use the Revlon crayon for my bottom lashes (inside the eye).  This rolls on easily and there is little risk of serious pokes during application. On the top lashes (depending on the occasion) I use both charcoal eye shadow to create a thick line, or just liquid eyeliner to create a thin and more natural line. This serves two purposes.  It covers any signs of the eyelash band and also completes the eye. For day-to-day wear I only wear eyeliner on my bottom lashes, but for nightwear I thicken it all up. I still live with a fear of the smokey eye, however, I find this look works for me, particularly because I LOVE to wear a bright and bold lip colour too. 

7. EYE DROPS - my final piece of advice for fresh, bold and beautiful eyes is... eye drops! These are not only life savers on an international flight where the cabin is at zero humidity, but keep your eyes moist and clear at all times. This is especially during the winter months, when we have our heaters blasting and often become dehydrated and dried out. These are a MUST for your handbag ladies!

To finish up here are some of my favourite products: Revlon Smoky Crayon, Inglot eyeliner brush, Mac Opulash Optimum Black mascara, Face of Australia liquid eyeliner & LashGrip eyelash adhesive.

Good luck and enjoy.


Friday, May 25, 2012

SNAPARAZZI-ED by the Herald Sun... with Minnie Mouse, Lara Croft & Cinderella!

Hubby and I being SNAPARAZZI-ED by the gorgeous Luke Dennehy and Julie K from the Herald Sun, enjoying our good friend Nick Russian's birthday celebration at Eve Nightclub (and... my new ASOS floral kimono!)
I would also like to thank the beautiful Leigh Campbell for inspiring me to tackle the SJP bun - without a doughnut! Double points! Mwah x

Once upon a time there was Minnie Mouse, Lara Croft, Cinderella and... some random! 
The 'girlfriends & wives' did it in style! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

7 days, 7+ outfits - #fashion #style #whatimwearing

 2 x ASOS orders, 1 Forever21 and some Kookai binging - what a week!

After a LONG, self-imposed online shopping ban (eligible for parole!), my silence was broken. In a big way! My first order from Forever21 finally arrived (alphabet mustard cropped jumper), which I absolutely love. It's totally geek-chic and I'm proud of it. Forever21 is an American company and does ship to Australia, but, it's not cheap. That's why I love the weekly specials with ASOS shipping - think about it, you're saving money! 
My FAVE purchase of the week was my faux fur vest from Kookai. I must tell you, my impulse purchasing has decreased (she whimpers!). I have now made the rule if I see something online or in-store, I'm only allowed to add it to a 'wish list'. If I'm still thinking about it in 48 hours, then, and only then am I allowed to buy it. I think that's pretty reasonable?! Phew, it's such a relief my husband is Google-illiterate and won't see this!
The mustard blouse is from Sportsgirl and is a corporate/sexy must-have. The shoulder pads are flattering and so feminine. It comes in a range of colours and looks so chic with a pencil skirt or some tailored pants. Mustard is definitely the colour for blondes and Winter. 

P.S - if you haven't already guessed, yes, I LOVE pink and red lips - the ultimate accessory!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Yeast Infections - #health #beauty #wellness

The awkward conversation about thrush.

Gentleman, don't even bother reading this. There's nothing pretty about thrush. 

"Vaginal thrush is a common infection caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans yeast, which lives naturally in the vagina. Other names for this infection are candidiasis or monilia. Symptoms may include vaginal itching or burning, a white discharge and stinging or burning while urinating. Vaginal creams or vaginal tablets (pessaries) can help reduce the symptoms of thrush" - 

- FACT -

Vaginal thrush is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI), it is caused by an overgrowth of yeast. This can be brought on by any number of things eg antibiotics, oral contraceptives, diabetes, pregnancy, menstrual cycle changes, iron deficiency and some immune system disorders. However,once a woman has thrush she may transfer it to her partner through sex and vice versa.


Your vagina deserves some TLC. Similarly to cleansing your face and soaping your underarms, your vagina also requires maintenance. Below are some helpful tips for preventing thrush and looking after your girly-bits!

- Wipe your bottom from front to back after going to the toilet
- Avoid perfumed products and harsh soaps/body wash down there
- Always dry your vagina thoroughly after bathing
- Avoid using perfumed toilet papers
- Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants and synthetic underwear
Consider changing your clothes-washing detergent/fabric softeners 
*I've also heard eating two cloves of garlic a day may help prevent thrush too, but I'm not totally convinced.  What I am sure of is the severe garlic breath factor if you try it!

SJM TIP: when you go to bed at night let her breathe! Your vagina that is. Or wear loose fitting cotton undies.



Thursday, May 3, 2012

#trend #style #floral #yellow

LOVED getting home to this month's Cosmo in the mail, full stop! To then open up the Chic & Trendy section featuring Olivia Palermo, to see her outfit almost perfectly matched mine! Aww! Nice to know the gorgeous Cosmo fashion girls agree with me ;)

MY OUTFIT: yellow jumper - Zara, Italy, floral skirt - Sportsgirl, boots - ASOS

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! - How to achieve and maintain beautiful skin

I am not a Make-up Artist, but, I am OBSESSED with make-up and looking good! I am a wife of a Cosmetic Doctor, and the daughter-in-law of a leading Dermatologist - SO LISTEN UP!

TIP: NEVER go to bed without removing your make-up. This will dry out and age your skin

Any product that is oil-free is perfectly fine, you don't need to spend big bucks on products. Gently soap up your face, and remove all make-up, including your hairline. Remove any remaining mascara/eyeliner with eye make-up remover, to ensure you don't dry and damage this sensitive area. Pat your face dry, and apply toner to your oily areas (T-Zone). 
Exfoliation with either a glove or a scrub, varies with personal preference. If you are prone to dry skin, exfoliate gently 1 - 2 times per week. If you are prone to oily skin, you may be able to exfoliate 3+ times per week. See how your skin responds, and either increase/decrease treatment accordingly.

Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser & Scrub (under $10), L'oreal Gentle Lip & Eye Make-up Remover and Garnier Pure Toner.
*HOT SJM TIP*: If you are not prone to dry or sensitive skin, I highly recommend A.S.A.P - Clearskin Gel. This serum contains AHA/BHA and helps remove dead skin cells (think of it like a mini-peel and facial while you sleep!). This gel also helps treat mild acne and helps reduce fine lines.

TIP: Moisturise at least twice a day (AM & PM), and don't forget your neck! This is the first place women start to show their age. Arguably, the best anti-ageing procedure is Botox, but this is not for everyone. The key to naturally vibrant, youthful and fresh skin is simple:
- Stay out of the sun/solarium, and use a daily SPF on your body, and in your foundation
- Moisturising twice daily is ideal. Key areas are, under your eyes and neck. This will give you both a youthful appearance, and touch

FAKE TANNERS FYI - Remember if you have had a spray tan or are progressively self-tanning, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE, MOISTURISE! Particularly, your shins/ankles, knees and elbows - these areas can go downhill, fast!

Aesop Hydrating Serum (amazing for under the eyes and neck), and Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturiser


Please join my 2012 Mother's Day Classic Team - l'espoir

SJM Mother's Day Classic team - l'espoir

To all my gorgeous followers, friends and fellow-gal-pals! Please, please sign-up for the 2012 Mother's Day Classic run/walk. The MDC is supported by the National Breast Cancer Foundation and raises money for breast cancer research

TIME & DATE: 7.30am run, Sunday 13th May (Mother's Day)
COST: $40 
TEAM NAME: l'espoir (French for HOPE)
DRESS CODE: pink baby - anything and everything! 

The NBCF t-shirts and singlets are now sold out, so please support the amazing Pink Hope - t-shirts are $23.00 - available at 

If you require any further info, please email me at