Friday, May 11, 2012

7 days, 7+ outfits - #fashion #style #whatimwearing

 2 x ASOS orders, 1 Forever21 and some Kookai binging - what a week!

After a LONG, self-imposed online shopping ban (eligible for parole!), my silence was broken. In a big way! My first order from Forever21 finally arrived (alphabet mustard cropped jumper), which I absolutely love. It's totally geek-chic and I'm proud of it. Forever21 is an American company and does ship to Australia, but, it's not cheap. That's why I love the weekly specials with ASOS shipping - think about it, you're saving money! 
My FAVE purchase of the week was my faux fur vest from Kookai. I must tell you, my impulse purchasing has decreased (she whimpers!). I have now made the rule if I see something online or in-store, I'm only allowed to add it to a 'wish list'. If I'm still thinking about it in 48 hours, then, and only then am I allowed to buy it. I think that's pretty reasonable?! Phew, it's such a relief my husband is Google-illiterate and won't see this!
The mustard blouse is from Sportsgirl and is a corporate/sexy must-have. The shoulder pads are flattering and so feminine. It comes in a range of colours and looks so chic with a pencil skirt or some tailored pants. Mustard is definitely the colour for blondes and Winter. 

P.S - if you haven't already guessed, yes, I LOVE pink and red lips - the ultimate accessory!


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  1. Forever21 has a bunch of wardrobe choices you can choose from with consideration of your taste. The faux fur vest from Kookai looks expensive but worth the investment.