Sunday, April 15, 2012

SJM Fashion Sunday - NEON & 80's TREND

NEON & 80'sTREND - loving it!
So if you haven't already heard, neon is like, SO HOT RIGHT NOW! 

Whether it's fluoro-rainbow socks (!), or a stylish bag with highlighter hues, it's bangin'! The neon/80's trend is a fresh, and modern twist on the 80's for our Autumn wardrobe.
Neon denim is one of my faves! To keep up with this popular trend, so many brands have now brought out their own take on the trend (CK neon denim is amazing!). I do prefer the pastel neons for denim over the fluoro, but LOVE going a little 80's crazy with skirts and accessories! 


1. ACCESSORISE ONLY - whether it be a clutch, shoes or jewellery (don't forget nail polish!). This makes neon the feature, and is a little more conservative
*Sportsgirl are the BEST for accessories and do neon so well - you MUST visit the Chadstone store, beyond amazing!
2. GONE IS THE 'LBD' - replace your little black dress, with a hot pink bandage mini dress! This can be paired with neutral accessories, or for the risk-takers... MORE NEON! - work it girls!
*Kookai have some gorgeous bandage skirts and dresses, in every colour you can imagine! (I literally own about 10 of these! - LOVE)
3. ALL OVER NEON - for those serious risk-takers (we all know one!), go for it head-to-toe! I would definitely suggest you neutralise your accessories though, eg. a simple black bag. Ladies, get those colour wheels out, and get to it!
*ASOS is pretty much your one-stop-shop for all things neon 

SJM's HOT TIP: Check out my fave ASOS pencil skirt with neon trim - IT'S ON SPECIAL TOO!

SJM's FASHION QUOTE: When it comes to style, if YOU feel FABULOUS, you can never be wrong! SJM x

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