Monday, February 27, 2012

Floral - I VOTE YES!


It seems everything old is new again... yay!

I hear you asking, what trends will be big for Spring 2012?! Lace, floral, pleats and print-mixing to name a few. Five years ago if you had given me that answer, I would have laughed. 

Obviously these are all trends that tie in nicely with the Vintage/Boho theme as well. Gosh, the 70's must have been fabulous?! What I also love about these trends is that they also compliment my Balayage (a French colouring technique from the 70's). Again, five years ago it was social suicide to have more than 2cm of re-growth, now it's the 'cool thang'! 

Above are two of my current faves: Sportsgirl floral wedges, and my $15 ebay bag, from LS Fashion - England (bargain!). I love pairing my playful wedges with some skinny jeans and a single coloured tank top - so sexy and cool. 

I am TOTALLY loving floral jeans too, however, I need to hit the gym a little harder before I get a pair! ;)

Happy shopping,


P.S - here is a GREAT link to a Vogue article on Balayage

INSIDE TIP: Want the BEST Balayage in Melbourne? See Matt @ Rokk Ebony, South Melbourne. Ladies, this man is amazing!

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