Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oily skin - causes, treatment & products

Oily skin - causes, treatment & products 
Healthy skin produces natural oil called sebum that moisturises the skin. Oily skin can be a result of over-active glands, and can lead to spots and acne, if the pores become blocked. Other causes of oily skin can be related to stress, hormonal disorders and ethnicity. 

The bad news about oily skin is it's largely about genetics. People with darker skin (European & Asian) are often prone to oily skin. However, it is not all bad. Oily skin ages much better than dry and sensitive skin. Skin is most oily during the teen years as you go through puberty. The good news though is that as we age our skin will naturally decrease in oiliness, and in some cases, can often become dry.  It may also be as a result of misusing beauty products. 

Treating oily skin is simple, but, a consistent routine is vital. Regular exfoliation and cleansing is highly recommended. While exfoliation itself won't reduce oil production, it will help to prevent your pores from becoming clogged. It is also important not to overuse products or use harsh chemicals and treatments that will dry out your skin. Oil-free moisturiser and foundation are a must. I would also suggest a matte based foundation, not a dewy finish, as this will only highlight oily zones on your face.  

1. Chanel, Perfection Lumiere - this is one of my favourites. I have combination skin (oily t-zone, and dry cheeks) so finding foundation that works all over is hard. Perfection Lumiere is a matte finish but also still illuminates your skin, giving you a fresh glow.
2. Laura Mercier, Oil Free Supreme - oil-free foundation, great coverage, non-drying and lightweight. This foundation gives you a flawless finish and reduces visible pores. *I wore this on my wedding day!
3. Maybelline, Dream Matte Mousse (cheaper option) - this foundation is ideal for oily skin and provides an even and thick coverage.



  1. Hi Sarah Jane,
    Just stumbled across your blog, absolutely love it! Just wondering, what shade in the the Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme did you get? Did it give you any breakouts?
    Aimee xx

  2. Hi Aimee, thank you for your lovely comment. On my wedding day I used Golden Beige. I also find the Chanel Perfection Lumiere is also great for colour matching. I naturally have quite pale skin but love my fake tan! So I often need a variety of colours to then mix accordingly, with the help of some bronzer as well. Let me know how you go x

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Do you have any tips for guys with oily skin? I am in my mid 20s and still get really oily skin but no acne. I use PH Balanced soap like QV which helps a bit but my skin gets really oily during the day in the warmer weather. What do you recommend?