Thursday, September 19, 2013


I have been using the Kosmea certified organic rose hip oil for 10 days now and already the visible results are undeniable - see for yourself!
My overall skin tone (including colour & texture) has improved significantly. This of course also helps prolong your daily make-up life (aka, less touch-ups!). I have also noticed a huge difference in the appearance of dark circles under my eyes. I will admit, the dark circles only appear if I have previously been unwell or very tired. I used this uber hydrating oil as a spot treatment under my eyes and within five days I noticed a huge improvement.
If you do suffer from oily or acne prone skin, I would definitely use this sparingly and only 2-3 times per week. Like any new product or beauty treatment your skin will need to adjust or in some cases reject, and this doesn't happen overnight! It's all about trial and error. However, I 100% believe in all the theoretical steps of skincare: cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising - what products you use though is entirely up to you. You know your skin and what works for you, now cross-check that with what each product contains - and don't get suckered in by pretty packaging!
  • Try and avoid smothering oils across your entire face unless required (sun damage, damaged/broken skin, scars)
  • Ideally try to apply these to the larger surface areas of your face, eg. cheeks, under eyes, neck and forehead if you can
  • Aim to avoid or use sparingly in typically oily or acne/pimple prone spots (t-zone)
  • These oils and serums are also fantastic at hydrating and improving the appearance of other dry areas on your body - knees, shins, elbows and ankles (good fake tan prep!)
  • The rose hip oil is also a great body moisturiser for all the same reasons - rehydrating, rebalancing and overall improved appearance (again, maybe a regime you only do 1-3 times per week)
LEFT-HAND PIC: me with small amount of make-up - increased glow, hydration and tone
RIGHT-HAND PIC: me with no make-up! The natural light highlights the NO dark circles under my eyes!
A big thank you to the beauty go-to-gal at Elise Garland PR, Carly, for sending me all my favourites! - SISJ xxx 

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