Monday, September 30, 2013


'MEISKIN' ON MY SKIN > SISJ beauty review
Read my bio it's all there... "she is an avid lover of all-things girlie" - yes, indeed I am! This last week I have been hiding in the background trialling a new product line called, Meiskin - here are my thoughts >
On top of the perfectly minimalist and chic branding, these products are natural, smell amazing and are available with a feel-good twist pump - I love a good beauty pump. All Meiskin products are paraben-free and there is absolutely no testing on animals. I chose the MANIHANDS: (derr, cat-lady for hand-cream in da'house!), AFTER PHYSIQUE: because I am a total fitness freak and need rehydrating on-the-go, TWENTY-FOUR7: my daily body moisturiser (citrus/almond oil - amaaazing!) & KARAMEL KREME SELF TANNER: because I am a self-confessed tan-a-holic! This warm tone is perfect for spring and an alternative to a deep dark tan (both of which I love!). For the best results with the tan, do not shower for 8-10hours. You will also be pleased to know this product has NO smell (your partners and friends will love you for it!).
I am so happy with all of these products and highly recommend them. They are also extremely well-priced and affordable. All products are available to shop online (aka, secret girlie shopping that no-one has to know about). SISJ x


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