Thursday, October 17, 2013

D O C K E D D I V A E X P O S E D >

D O C K E D  D I V A !

We are all friends here so I will admit straight away that this is a slightly edited snapshot of my dressing table! While my products and my face are real (for some reason I have Judge Judy in my head!?), the organised style in which you find there here is certainly not! >

SISJ CONFESSION: I am convinced all women suffer the same condition that I do when it comes to our stuff. I call this condition JEKYLL & HYDE! In other words, I am highly organised (verging on OCD) in some areas of my life, but in others I am a complete mess! To combat this I have enlisted the help of the lovely ladies at The Makeup Box Shop to whip me into shape! Of course what is a dressing table without a self-indulgent personalised candle from Bombardier Designs as well??!! It smells divine and hey, I love what I do!


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