Thursday, August 8, 2013

A house is not a home unless it contains... LOVE (and pink cushions!) >

It's been a crazy but FUN few weeks styling and decorating our new home. I've included some Instagram images capturing my style along the way - enjoy!
 I have to say I am one lucky girl as I have a hubby that just says "YES"! Yes to four pink cushions on a white couch, a Diptique candle in each room and flowers aplenty! This of course requires specialised skills and strong negotiation tactics, otherwise known as... a cute smile and raised eyebrows! All jokes aside, we are lucky for the sake of our marriage that there are very few things we actually disagree on. I refer to interior design, art and garden design that is - the move itself, well that's another story! I hope you love our home as much as we do :)
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