Monday, October 1, 2012

l o v e my body - #before & #after

love my body - Bikini Boot Camp

My gorgeous friend Hayley Roper is the Melbourne boot camp queen! Love My Body runs girls only boot camps in a variety of Melbourne locations. These boot camps are a perfect mix of cardiovascular and resistance training to tone and shape your body. They cater for all ages and fitness levels and are the ideal solution for girls looking to get fit in a motivated and fun environment. You will also receive a complimentary weight loss eating plan to ensure you get the results you deserve.

START & FINISH DATE: Wednesday 26th September - Saturday 17th November

GOAL: my personal goal is to lose approx. 3 - 4kg and tone up for summer!

CURRENT HEIGHT / WEIGHT: H:163cm & W:58kg 

I have never been one for group exercise, but here I am. I have painfully, but successfully, completed my first week of boot camp. My buns are already feeling tighter and I cannot wait to tackle another 3000 burpees again this week... (not!). Posting my weight isn't something I would usually do. However, now I have a voice to answer to - YOU! Overall I lead a healthy and balanced life with regular exercise and a good diet. This boot camp is not because I want drastic change, but more a fun challenge to drop those extra winter kg's in time for summer.

I encourage you to send through your support and guidance where you see fit - I will drop and give you 20 if I misbehave! 

Watch this space, and my winter kg's disappear!


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